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SYNULOX RTU Suspension for Injection 10ml Dog,Cat,Pig,Cattle

SYNULOX RTU Suspension for Injection 10ml Dog,Cat,Pig,Cattle

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It has a significant therapeutic effect onvarious bacterial infections ·The treatment of skin and tissue infections is100% effective! ·The treatment of respiratory infection is 94% effective! ·Forenteritis, urinary tract infection, metritis, fever, septicemia, otitis media,hepatitis treatment more than 90% effective! Four features meet your needs:·Ultra broad spectrum ·The best combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid:Amoxicillin: 140mg / ml Clavulanic acid: 35mg / ml ·Completely overcome thebacterial resistance caused by β - lactamase ·Easy to use -No dilution-Feasible stability -Guaranteed efficacy Method of use: intramuscularinjection, once a day for 3-5 days in dogs and cats every 20 kg body weight.Package: 10ml / bottle matters needing attention Shake well before use, andgently massage the injection site after injection. Those allergic to penicillinare not allowed to contact this product. Avoid contact with the drug during theinjection operation of this product
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