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KABB BIO Feline AB Blood Typing Rapid Kit, Health Test Kit for Pet (Cat)

KABB BIO Feline AB Blood Typing Rapid Kit, Health Test Kit for Pet (Cat)

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Helps Your Cats to Know Their Blood Type Accurately-Easy to use & interpretation. ·  Fast & Reliable results within 3 min, Little user intervention, Include internal control that confirm the test integrity. ·  ·  All in one package -  Everything you need to discover your cats blood type in the comfort of your own home. Single-use feline blood typing kit ·              This affordable kit coms complete with everything you need, including lancet, instruction, alcohol prep, plastic pipette, plastic bottle included buffer solution, dropping cap and testing kit. ·  Simple Procedure  - After the first cleaning with supplied alcohol prep pad, the ear (sweet spot) of cat is lanced with the sterile disposable lancet.                                                            ·              And then small amounts of whole blood (approximately 10 microliter) will be transferred to plastic bottle included buffer solution using supplied plastic pipette.             After closing the bottle with cap, mix the buffer solution and blood softly. Replace the bottle cap with the supplied dropping cap.              Three drops of the mixed buffer solution are then applied to the sample zone of test kit (Marked with S).             The results are then read from the test kit within 3 minutes.      * Do not read the test results after 3 minutes.   Why cat's blood typing information is important? ·  Avoid blood transfusion adverse effects - Cats have naturally occurring alloantibodies in type A and type B cats, blood typing must be performed prior to blood transfusion to avoid transfusion adverse effects. Adverse effects of blood transfusions can be immunologic reactions to incompatible blood, and may occur within one or two hours or up to 48 hours later after beginning the transfusion. Some reactions are severe enough to cause death. ·  ·  For safety breeding - The common cat blood types are A and B, and a third rare type AB is known. when mating, blood types must be matched for safe kitten birth (To prevent fading kitten syndrome). Fading kitten syndrome refers to the death of a kitten within the period of life from birth to weaning (approximately 4 to 5 weeks of age


·  ·  For knowing your precious cat?s health information - By knowing your cat blood type, you can save time in case of emergency situation requiring blood transfusion.
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