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Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution

Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution

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entle ear cleaning solution fordogs and cats, helping to remove build-ups in the ear. It has healing,antiseptic effects from calendula, which helps support recovery from earinfections.


Discharges and deposits in the ear can provide important bodily protectionfor your cat or dog, helping to protect against bacteria and fungi, amongstother things. However, too much of these deposits can lead to ear infections,which are particularly unpleasant for your pet. This Otifree Ear CleaningSolution can offer great relief for pets, particularly some dog breeds that areprone to ear infections. It can be used to regularly care for sensitive felineand canine ears.
Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution is for both dogsand cats and can offer a solution for build-ups, deposits and secretions in theear, thanks to its softening, moisturising properties. It combines propypleneglycol with calendula to have a gentle ear-cleaning effect. Calendula isparticularly well-known for its healing, antiseptic and softening properties.Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution helps to moisten the upper layer of the skin,softening and improving future resilience.
Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution is suitable forregular cleaning, once or twice per week, or for helping to treat Otitisexterna, also known as “swimmer’s ear”.

Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution at a glance:

  • Ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats
  • Removes blockages caused by earwax, deposits and secretions
  • Contains propylene glycol and marigold: gentle cleaning solution
  • Medicinal calendula: antiseptic and healing, with softening properties
  • For regular hygiene or treatment of Otitis externa
  • Pleasant to use: bottle with soft dropper tube

Intended use:
For dogs and cats:
- regular ear cleaning
- preparing and cleaning the outer ear canal for treatment of Otitis externa.

Usage instructions:
Put 1 or 2 drops of the solution in each ear.
Massage the ear from the base upwards, so that the liquid can move up and startto flow, helping to release any dirt particles in the ear.
The intensity of the massage will depend on the sensitivity of the ear pain.
The liquid should then leave the ear and can be removed with a cotton pad.Deep-seated particles can be dislodged with a shake of the head.
Heavy build-ups can be treated again using the same cleaning process.
Cleaning should be done once or twice per week for normal hygiene purposes.

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