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Advantix Flea Tick and Mosquito Prevention 4 Dose Animal Health Control Dog | Bayer

Advantix Flea Tick and Mosquito Prevention 4 Dose Animal Health Control Dog | Bayer

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Prevents flea bite and then eliminates them. Fleas on dogs are killed within ahaunting treatment.
Imidacloprid, one of the two active ingredients in Advantix, is also effectiveagainst the larvae of fleas in the environment surrounding the treated dog.(Insert stylized icon of a house)
Repels ticks and kills those who came into contact with the skin.
Reduces the risk of transmission of diseases such borremiosi, rickettiosi,ehrlichiosis.
Repels mosquitoes and sandflies.
Reduces the risk of transmission of diseases, such as leishmaniasis.
Repellent against tsetse.
Helps the prevention of dermatitis sting fly.
Advantix can also be used on pregnant females and lactating, and is effectiveeven if the dog gets wet.
Advantix How to Apply:


Dividethe contents of the pipette at several points between the shoulder blades andthe base of the tail.
The coat until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette on the skinand squeeze some of the content on each of the points of application.
Do not apply an excessive amount of product in any of the points to prevent itcoli along the flanks of the animal.
At the end of the application control to completely empty the pipette.
On rare occasions, it is possible that the dog has itching in the area ofapplication. The feeling is transient and disappears in no time.
Warning: DO NOT USE ON CATS. Advantix® not replace the preventive treatment ofheartworm.

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